Aldbury company encourages firms pay charity fundraising costs

MCHG 12-872      Golden Giving at Aldbury.'Nathan and Yessica Perez and Zohar Marer, centre.
MCHG 12-872 Golden Giving at Aldbury.'Nathan and Yessica Perez and Zohar Marer, centre.
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A company has devised a working model where people can fundraise for charity without any of the money they make being skimmed off the top.

Golden Giving has sponsors that pay for its running costs, taking away the need for it to charge charities and their donors.

So far 50 charities have signed up with the Aldbury-based business and are already benefiting from it.

Founder Nathan Perez, who is a computer scientist and runs the volunteer-led company with his wife Yessica and their team, said: “We think it’s unfair for any company to make money from charity. Many of them are closing because of the economically difficult times we are having and the ones surviving need our help.”

The Golden Giving team need corporate and individual sponsors to help by giving £300 a month or volunteering services that will keep the website going and in return those companies get exposure on the website.

Mr Perez said: “It’s more about them investing in corporate social responsibility.”

Only charging £300 allows Golden Giving to recruit a lot of businesses so that it can ensure the future survival of the company and not be beholden to any one organisation.

Mr Perez believes that his model is better than that of companies like Just Giving, which charge between two and five per cent per donation and charge the charities on its site a monthly fee.

He said: “We don’t think charities should spend money on hosting these websites. “Start up charities, which can’t afford to do that, miss out but our model enables them to benefit too.

“We simply use economies of scale to support more charities.