Attend meeting to save New Mill Social Club in Tring

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AN action group aiming to save a social centre is hoping to see a high turnout of people to vote in a new committee that will keep the facility running for as long as possible.

The annual meeting for the New Mill Social Club in Tring at 9am on Saturday, April 28 could see changes that may give the club’s existence some hope for the future.

Tring Team Parish plans to demolish the building on Bulbourne Road and replace it with a home for a chaplain to serve at Tring School on Mortimer Hill, if the proposal gets permission from the Diocese of St Albans.

It will mean a number of clubs that use the centre and people who live in the area who use it for parties and other activities will have to find somewhere else to go.

But Paul Messenger, who will put himself forward as chair of the committee, wants the groups to stay.

He said: “I want to work with the church to keep the social centre running for as long as possible.

“I want to see a lot of people at the meeting because I want to be voted in by the residents of New Mill. I want their backing so we can work hard for what they want.”

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