Berkhamsted’s former police station to go up for sale

Berkhamsted Police Station
Berkhamsted Police Station

The former home of Berkhamsted’s police station will now be put on the market for sale.

A development brief handed to potential buyers will contain a list of recommendations about what should be done to the site.

The list was drawn up by community group B-Hive after it garnered public opinion during a town consultation at Berkhamsted Civic Centre.

The document could be used to decide whether planning permission for a new development on the site should be granted.

The building has been empty for more than two years and was originally put on the market early last year – only to be later withdrawn.

Herts police and crime commissioner David Lloyd said: “At that point, I do not think we necessarily had the right information around.

“We just had a site that was ready for sale, but now I think there’s a public interest about what the site should be. The public have been very engaged about what the site should be.”

The B-Hive document, based on its survey of public opinion, suggests the site could be used for new homes as well as public services like a museum or theatre.

A new path from the High Street to Butts Meadow through the area could make it easier for children to get to school, the document suggests.

Mr Lloyd said: “The ideas that B-Hive have come up with are innovative, interesting and ones which if we can use them I would be very pleased.”

He met with B-Hive on Monday before deciding at a meeting the next day that the former police station should go up for sale.

It was originally put on the market by Hertfordshire Police Authority, who later considered merging it with neighbouring properties to create a ‘single central site’ for public sector services.

Mr Lloyd has been elected into the new role of police and crime commissioner for Herts since that time, taking over the responsibilities of the former police authority.

He said he has a ‘statutory responsibility’ to get the best value from the sale of the site, so that the money can be reinvested in the county’s policing.


The recently-published B-Hive report runs to 95 pages, and you can read it here