Blue Monday for bus-driver after Bennetts End roundabout breakdown causes traffic backlog

Bennetts End bus break-down.
Bennetts End bus break-down.

It was a bothersome start to the week for the bus-driver who had a breakdown in the middle of a Bennetts End roundabout earlier today.

Traffic at the junction between Leys Road and Peascroft Road was blocked by the vehicle after it unexpectedly came to a halt at about 11am.

The driver called for assistance from passers-by and before long had got it going again.

Drivers on their way to the nearby shopping precinct, community centre and doctor’s surgery were relieved that mechanical know-how had saved the day.

Eye-witness Dave Satchel said: “It was a bizarre and baffling incident of bothered and baulked traffic, backed up because of a big broken-down bus at Bennetts End.

“Not all bad because the bold driver was able to re-boot the bus without badgering his bosses back at base. Bravo!”