‘Hooters coming to Berkhamsted’ prank sparks Facebook concern

A fake advert pretends that Hooters is coming to Berkhamsted

A fake advert pretends that Hooters is coming to Berkhamsted


A fake poster announcing that Hooters is coming to Berkhamsted has caused a bit of a stir – despite being swiftly exposed as a prank.

The advertisement promoting the alleged new venture by the American food chain – famous for its scantily-clad waitresses – appeared on the outside of a glass door of a vacant building in the town.

It said: “Hooters: Coming to Berkhamsted. Meet the girls on the 29th of August from 4pm. Kicking off with a swimsuit pagent (sic).”

A photo was taken of the advert and posted on the members-only Everything Berko community page of the social networking website Facebook.

The poster said: “Outrageous whatever next?!”

But not many people fell for the prank, which was soon exposed after one user said: “Very funny. But pagent is spelt pageant.”

Another user posted a screenshot of a now-deleted message on the social networking website Twitter by a man who claimed that his brother had put up the fake sign.

Commenting on the reaction to it, the Twitter user said: “I actually think there’s going to be riots.”

Another Twitter user said: “Loving the furore over the Hooters posters in good old middle-class Berkhamsted. It’s a hoax, guys. Chill.”

In other – real – news, it has been announced that Bill’s Restaurants plans to bring ‘breakfast to bedtime’ dining to Berkhamsted




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