Vibrant firms help to generate a new lease of life for Old Town

Mang Creative's new HQ in Old Town, Hemel Hempstead
Mang Creative's new HQ in Old Town, Hemel Hempstead
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Hemel Hempstead’s Old Town is entering a new phase of revival, according to a business that has proudly relocated within the characterful area.

Web design agency Mang Creative has recently moved into number 45-47 High Street, a building that had been laying dormant for a decade.

Grant Joiner, Mang’s creative director, is a long-term resident of Hemel Hempstead and is proud to be among those firms doing their bit to regenerate the area.

Mr Joiner said: “l remember, some 15-plus years ago, the unit was an electrical shop and then a print company before it closed over 10 years ago.

“Since then the property had become uncared for and not an attractive addition to the Old Town High Street.

“The frontage now offers a clean, modern and attractive space which I am sure is a welcome sight to visitors and residents on the Old Town.”

This year is Mang’s 10th in business and the boss says it is bucking the trend. Its clients include national and local names, including Dacorum Borough Council, Studio 57, DeBeautique, Highways Industry, Wyles Hardy, Nutmeg Spa and Beautique Home & Interiors.

Mang is looking to grow in the next six months from the current six to include a business development manager and web designer.

Mr Joiner said his move was one of several in the area. Others include the Lacey Brown salon, a new custom furniture maker, a home and interiors shop, a cake shop, and investments in local pubs.

The council, too has plans for the area, including introducing a one way system that it believes will help the area.

Mang’s move, which frees up a smaller, more easily rentable unit, is also good for the landlord.