Check out your locks before burglars do...

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Community crimefighters are reminding people to lock their doors after a spate of burglaries saw intruders get away with small valuables from people’s homes.

Thieves have been getting into properties in the Tring area through insecure doors and windows.

So far there have been six burglaries and attempts in the past two weeks.

They included three at Beech Park in Wigginton where the criminals got in to properties while there was no one home.

Neighbourhood sergeant Adele Hopkins said: “Someone has gone around looking for insecurities. Thieves are getting through windows and back doors but they are not forcing their way in.

“This is similar to the burglaries in Tring. They get in the same way and take jewellery and small items.”

More incidents in King Street on January 18 and another in Kingsley Walk between January 21 and 22 are being investigated.

The police have stepped up patrols and have visited victims and their neighbours reminding them to check and double lock their doors and windows. Anyone with information should call the non emergency number on 101.