Club pays its respects to long-serving chairman

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A FOOTBALL club has paid tribute to its ‘longest-serving’ chairman.

William Miller, known as Bill, who served as Tring Athletic chairman from 1974 until 1983, died aged 92 on Saturday, February 11.

The club’s Life Vice Chairman Ralph Griffiths said: “Bill was one of those who have contributed to the club, kept it going and got it to where it is now.

“He helped with teas, the laundry and chipped in a few bob to keep the club going.

“Without people like him we wouldn’t be where we are now.”

Bill was born in Longfield Road, a stone’s throw from the club’s former ground at Miswell Lane in Tring.

Club records show Bill was probably the longest-serving chairman at the club. He was married to his wife Agnes, who died 16 years ago, and leaves behind his son Ian, who was club captain.

Ralph added: “Many will not be aware of the struggles the club went through to get where we are now.”