Cold case squad probes 1967 rape in Tring

MCHG 12-912   Little Tring Road, Tring.

MCHG 12-912 Little Tring Road, Tring.

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Details of an unsolved rape and attempted murder that happened in Tring 45 years ago are being re-investigated by detectives.

The Thames Valley dedicated review team is working on the 1967 murder of 19-year-old RAF Halton employee Rita Ellis and is considering whether it could be linked with an attack on a young woman in Tring the same year.

The Hertfordshire cold case review unit contacted The Gazette for details of the brutal assault on the 20-year-old student nurse, who was dragged into a field off Little Tring Road where she was raped, battered over the head with a blunt instrument and left for dead.

Hertfordshire’s cold case officers couldn’t find documents from the case because the paperwork had been put away in an archive room full of old boxes.

However, the details remain in the Gazette archive of bound newspapers dating back to the 1800s.

The attack on December 28, 1967 happened after the woman travelled by bus from Hemel Hempstead to meet friends in Tring.

She got off at the High Street and walked down Frogmore Street to 
Icknield Way before she was accosted by a man.

The attacker was described as aged in his 30s, 5ft 10ins tall with gaunt features and he wore an overcoat and hat.

When the alarm was raised, detectives investigating the Rita Ellis murder, which happened on November 11, were called in because of 
the similarities of the attacks and the four-mile distance between them.

Now, more than four decades later, detectives continue to search for answers to what happened to the women and whether the attacks on them were connected.

Thames Valley Police spokesman Craig Evry said: “We constantly review all cold cases. We do from 
time to time use anniversaries to 
remind the public about certain cases, as was done on the 40th anniversary of the murder of Rita Ellis in 2007.”

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