Dymonds are forever as Hemel Hempstead’s Pat and Roger celebrate a marriage milestone

Roger and Pat Dymond celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary, January 23, 2014.

Roger and Pat Dymond celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary, January 23, 2014.

A devoted couple have proved that Dymonds really are forever as they celebrate 60 years of married life .

Pat and Roger Dymond, of Chaulden Lane, Hemel Hempstead, married on January 23, 1954, three days before Pat’s 20th birthday.

The pair have two children, four grandchildren and a great granddaughter together, and say the secrets to their happy marriage as they mark their diamond anniversary are family, tolerance and laughter.

Former military engineer Roger, 86, said: “We laugh a lot, and we have never taken each other for granted.

“Everyone has their rows, but as long as you get over them the same day, it doesn’t matter.

“For at least the last 30 years we’ve never bothered to row at all, it’s too much effort.”

Love blossomed for the young pair when they met at a Sunday dance in Middlesex, after Pat’s friend failed to show up.

Though she had promised to be taken home by someone else that evening, relentless Roger made a note of her address and asked her out the following week.

“It’s all been pretty plain sailing since then,” he winked.

Retired classroom assistant Pat said: “He came to my door, but on the day we arranged to meet he was called up to work on the HMS Sheffield.

“We went out the next week though, so it all worked out quite well.

“Roger says I never really left my school job – I’m always straightening his tie and sorting out his shoes to this day.”

The smiling spouses recall carrying all three tiers of their wedding cake home on the train from South London – without as much as a crack in the icing – and cherished holidays across Britain, which they count as one of their hobbies.

They have also travelled Canada and the Norwegian fjords together, although they had never been abroad before Roger’s retirement.

Daughter Kim Eglinton, of Warners End, said: “Mum and dad have just been stalwarts really, for all of us.

“They are a constant, they have always been there and they are a good example to us all.”

The happy couple, who have lived in the town since 1956, received a congratulatory message from the Queen and held a double diamond celebration with family in Boxmoor Lodge on Sunday – also Pat’s 80th birthday.

And what gift did Roger choose for his Dymond girl on this special occasion? Why, a diamond ring, of course.




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