Two men held after chopper chase culminates in Tring street arrest last night

The police helicopter over Windmill Way, Tring, February 2014. Photo by Andrew Long.

The police helicopter over Windmill Way, Tring, February 2014. Photo by Andrew Long.

A dramatic police chase in Tring yesterday afternoon ended with the arrest of two suspects and the seizure of a stolen car.

The events unfolded from 4.15pm as police pursued men who they believe pinched a blue BMW M3 from a driveway in Dunstable on Monday night.

A helicopter was scrambled along with the dog unit to help cops on the ground track the thieves.

Becky Thornhill – who lives on Henry Street in the Tring Triangle – told how her 12-year-old son Louis was asked to go inside by a passing policeman.

“Louis had forgotten his key and I was out walking the dog, so he couldn’t get in and was standing on the door step.

“When I got back, he was a bit wobbly and told me a policeman asked him if he’d seen a man running up the road, before telling him to go inside, but of course he couldn’t.

“We went inside and I locked all the doors and windows – it was pretty scary, and the helicopter was so loud.”

The town’s social media Facebook page Everything Tring was buzzing with reports of the force’s helicopter as it hovered, and people posted reports as it flew overhead.

A spokesperson for Herts police confirmed that police caught up with the suspected crooks on Park Road, where the stolen car had been ditched.

Cops seized the car and two men who were arrested at the scene were taken away to cells in Hatfield.

One Park Road homeowner said: “I heard a lot of noise but thought it was my neighbours’ builders.

“My neighbour knocked on my door to tell me what was happening just as the police were towing the car away.”

The two men have now been transferred into the custody of police in Bedfordshire.




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