Crafty crooks who use your tools to break in

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A spate of burglaries in Berkhamsted and Tring has prompted Herts police to issue advice on how to prevent thieves breaking into homes.

Many crimes committed this month involve crooks forcing their way into houses using tools taken from sheds and greenhouses.

During an incident in Lombardy Drive, Berkhamsted, between Friday, April 12 and the following afternoon, burglars took a spade from the shed and broke a window at the rear of the house. They then stole car keys and made off with the victim’s car.

A similar burglary in Cow Lane, Tring, at around 11.45pm on Saturday, April 13 involved burglars entering the garden, taking a rake from an unlocked greenhouse and using it to try to get into to the house. This time, the alarm sounded and they ran away without getting inside.

Thieves also struck in Castle Hill, Berkhamsted, on the night of Saturday 13 April, taking an Apple MacBook, money and a car, and in Hall Park Hill, Berkhamsted between 5.30pm on Tuesday, April 16 and 2.30pm on Wednesday, April 17. Ornaments and jewellery were snatched after a window was broken.

Det Insp Justine Jenkins said: “In many of these cases we believe a tool has been used. There have been at least six incidents in the past couple of weeks, and whilst our enquiries continue, this serves as a reminder to residents to ensure they take extra precautions to prevent burglary.

“We’d advise people to lock away all garden tools securely, ensure you lock all windows and doors when you leave your property and keep items of value out of view.”

Call Herts police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 with information on any of the crimes listed.