‘Dear douchebag, I want my bike back!’

Letter left for bike thief by Aaron Rush
Letter left for bike thief by Aaron Rush
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The man who wrote to the thief who stole his bike has come no closer to finding it – despite his letter being shared hundreds of times on Twitter.

Aaron Rush was initially confident he would be able to get it back after he discovered it had been pinched from Kings Langley Railway Station on Wednesday last week.

Aaron Rush PNL-140813-172045001

Aaron Rush PNL-140813-172045001

“Dear Douchebag Bike Thief,” he wrote in his letter, which has now gone viral on social networking website Twitter. He said that his bike had been fitted with a tracker.

He said: “So unfortunately for you, I know where you live. Please dear bike thief, don’t take this as a threat, I’m sure you had your reasons, I just want my bike back.”

The letter explains that Aaron, who commutes to Kings Langley from his west London home, was initially ‘kind of ticked off’ – before realising the thief was caught on CCTV.

Aaron said in the letter that the thief should return the grey Giant bike before the end of the week or expect a visit from ‘our majesty’s finest’.

Letter left for bike thief by Aaron Rush PNL-140813-172135001

Letter left for bike thief by Aaron Rush PNL-140813-172135001

He signs off his letter ‘the poor student with no money, but a working printer’.

But unfortunately for 23-year-old Aaron, the tracker failed – or was disabled – at the weekend, the BBC reported.

It has also been reported that Aaron’s insurance will not cover the cost of his bicycle, as he had initially thought.

CCTV footage will take time to track down too.

The British Transport Police says officers are investigating the theft and that CCTV footage has been requested from the train operating firm.