‘A fantastic achievement for Tring School students despite government making A-level exams tougher’

Tring School A-level results day

Tring School A-level results day


Tring School is celebrating another year of tremendous A-level results.

Top grades have been gained with 39 students achieving A* grades and 89 students gaining A grades.

Headteacher Sue Collings said: “This is a fantastic achievement in an examination regime that is getting tougher.

“With the bar for academic standards rising as a result of government reform, we can be enormously proud of our achievements.

“Students have secured places to universities, have jobs with training or are taking a gap year to travel.

“This demonstrates, yet again, the outstanding achievements within the Tring sixth-form, which was highlighted in our recent Ofsted inspection.

“Our students have worked really hard to meet, or even exceed, their target grades whilst being fantastically supported by the staff, parents and governors.”

“Our head students did very well especially given the enormous work load they have had with their leadership roles.”

Head girl Naomi Brehm gained a remarkable four A* grades, head boy Jack Donald achieved one A and two Bs, deputy head boy Joe Baldwin achieved two As and one B, and deputy head girl Sophie Evans achieved one A* and three As.

There were many other successes and here are just a few highlights:

– Robbie Grout: four A* grades and one A.

– Charlie Elliott: four A* grades.

– Manon Burbidge: four A* grades.

– Laura Hartfield and Laura Roberts: two A* grades and one A.

– Daisy Cave: two A* grades and one Distinction (the equivalent of an A at A-level when studying a BTEC course).

– Sophie Drake: two A* grades and two As.

– Rosie Highton, Tom Simpson and Abbie Williamson: one A* and two As.

– James Darraugh: four As.

– Sam Gooch: three As.

– Ellie Jones and Alex Murphy: three As and one B.

Ms Collings said: “These students, along with the rest of the year group, have embraced every learning opportunity.

“Their results are proof that Tring School is a great place for learning.

“Students, parents, staff and governors are all very proud of our A-level results and of the school’s academic reputation.

“We wish all of the students well in their future and we want them to keep us updated with their ongoing successes.

“We would also welcome them back as mentors for younger students.

“The Tring School motto continues to be a source of inspiration as well as reality; our marvellous students continue to ‘Live to Learn and Learn to Live’.”


Students from Tring Park School performed well in their A-levels, achieving results above the national average.

Students achieved 9.4% grade A* rate compared to the national average of 8.2%.

Grade A* – A results were 29.1% against a national average of 26% and 62.2% achieved grade A* – B grades against a national average of 52.4%.

Individual highlights include the achievements of the head girl and head boy. Emily Brown

achieved an A* in English literature and history and an A in drama and theatre studies. William Quinn achieved two A* grades in chemistry and mathematics and an A in physics.

Tring Park School for the Performing Arts principal Stefan Anderson said: “We are extremely happy with this year’s results which exceed the national average.

“This is a huge achievement given our students only do four hours study per day and with a comprehensive intake.”

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A video of students picking up their results in Hemel Hempstead can be found here




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