Flights suspended at nearby Luton Airport after suspicious package found

Luton Airport
Luton Airport

All incoming flights have been suspended at Luton Airport after a suspicious package was found in the security checking area this afternoon.

The terminal at the nearby airport has been evacuated while a bomb disposal unit inspect the package.

The approach road to the facility has also been closed, while passengers have been advised to contact their airlines to establish the status of their flights.

A statement from the airport read: “London Luton Airport has evacuated the terminal building after a suspicious item was found in the security search area.

“The decision has been taken with the police to ensure the safety and security of passengers and staff.

“All incoming flights have been suspended and the approach road to the airport has also been closed.

“Further updates regarding the security and operations at the airport will be provided as soon as possible.”

Passenger Declan Clifford, 22, whose flight to Turkey was due to take off at 3.05pm, said he had been evacuated onto the taxiway.

He said: “We are being told nothing, we are being kept in the dark.

“I was in the departure lounge when an automated alert came over the PA system, everyone thought it was a fire drill at first.

“We were told to stay still, then to go to the fire escape before finally we were told to go to gate 125.

“We went out through the gate onto the taxiway and we’re now sitting outside waiting.

“They’ve brought us water and have also brought some of the buses over so we can sit in them.

“They also told us that there are no flights going out but we have seen three planes take off.”

Mr Clifford, from Cambridge, added that the situation ‘looked serious’.

He said: “One woman told me that she had seen two lads messing around refusing to move and they were arrested straight away.

“Monarch told me they don’t know what is going on.”