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12-104   Sportspace at Tring.  7/2/2012

12-104 Sportspace at Tring. 7/2/2012

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PEOPLE in Tring are to be asked what could be done to improve their sports centre as organisers look to increase visitors.

The numbers of keep-fitters at Tring Sportspace are down 2.7 per cent on last year while visitors to sister centres in Berkhamsted, and Kings Langley are increasing while the Hemel Hempstead base in Boxmoor is maintaining the level of users at last year’s levels.

The drop in numbers at Tring has been put down to the ageing facilities and has spurred managers at Sportspace, along with Dacorum Borough Council, Tring School and Tring Sports Forum, to do something about it.

Sportspace spokesman Elise Hyslop said: “We are working with the other organisations to seek funding to improve the facilities there and as a part of that process we are going to survey as many people as we can in Tring.”

In the next couple of weeks people living in the town can expect to be asked to answer a questionnaire online, in paper format or they may be approached in the street by interviewers.

“The survey will include questions about people’s exercise habits, sports they take part in, the amount of visits to Sportspace, and what facilities they would use if they were available,” Elise explained.

It will help the organisations to work together on changes and improvements and the amount of money they will need to raise through funding.

The project is still in its very early stages but the organisations are hoping to collate people’s responses by mid April.

Elise said: “There’s no doubt we need to invest in the building so we need to understand what people need and what they will use.”

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