Just a mow, what on earth is that on your head, Bob?

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This is the unusual Father’s Day present given to 68-year-old Bob Baker by his two daughters.

Lorraine Biswell, 38, of Marlins Turn, Gadebridge, and Tracy Khan, 44, of White Hart Drive, Adeyfield, split the cost of his £60 tattoo between them.

The image is of his wife Kelly, 28, wearing a bikini while mowing the lawn in the bald area of his head.

Bob, of The Rowans, Counters End, said: “Seventy-five per cent of people who have seen it say it’s wicked and come up and shake my hand. I say: ‘You wait. I am going to have flower pots next going round the garden.’”

It the 12th tattoo he has had.

His 11th, printed on his neck, says ‘Kelly’ – who he married three years ago. The pair have been together for nine years.