Pink monkey turns air blue!

The stuffed monkey toy, which has since been removed from the Amazon site

The stuffed monkey toy, which has since been removed from the Amazon site

A shocked customer alerted online giant Amazon after the stuffed monkey toy she bought for her nephew swore at her when she pressed its tummy.

The woman told the Gazette: “I opened it up to make that sure it worked, and I couldn’t believe it when it said the F word.

“I thought I was hearing things at first, so I played it again and recorded it on my phone.

“I sent it to my sister and she said there was no doubt it was saying ‘F you’.”

The 29-year-old retail assistant, who lives in Tring, bought the £5.70 toy as a birthday present for her nephew who celebrated his third birthday last month.

Marketed in the toys and games section of the website, and sold by third-party seller Kandy Toys, the product description stated that it made ‘cute monkey sounds’.

The woman said: “I’m so glad I checked it before I gave it to him.

“It would have been awful if he’d heard that rude language. I’d have felt so guilty.”

The disappointed auntie said she had to find a different present for her nephew at the last minute, which was a shame as he’d asked for the monkey weeks beforehand.

She has since logged a formal complaint with Amazon – which has a super-size warehouse on Maylands Avenue in Hemel Hempstead – and is awaiting a refund.

The toy is no longer for sale on the Amazon website after the Gazette brought the issue to its attention.

Founder of parenting website Netmums Siobhan Freegard said: “This toy has been advertised as a plaything for young children, so it shouldn’t be swearing.

“While it’s impossible for Amazon to monitor every item sold on the site, sellers regularly found to be flouting rules and putting up misleading descriptions should be banned.

“Christmas shopping is stressful enough without rip off sellers and gifts which aren’t as they should be.”

Amazon promised action on the foul-mouthed furry friend. Spokesperson Suzi Van Der Mark said: “The Amazon A-to-Z guarantee provides additional protection for customers who buy from Amazon.co.uk’s third party marketplace.

“If a customer received the item, but the item was defective, damaged, or not the item depicted in the seller’s description, we will refund or replace that item.

“On this occasion a full refund will be provided.”




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