Bulbourne artist creates homosexual fauns sculpture to mark UK’s first gay weddings

Nick Davis created Whispers from an Unwrinkled Horizon to mark the UK's first gay weddings.

Nick Davis created Whispers from an Unwrinkled Horizon to mark the UK's first gay weddings.

A new law that allows same-sex couples to get married for the first time has been celebrated in a work of art created by a Dacorum sculptor.

Whispers from an Unwrinkled Horizon is cast in bronze, with gold leaf, and depicts a small group of fauns of Greek and Roman mythology.

Nick Davis, 38, who lives beside the Grand Union Canal in Bulbourne, created it in the run-up to the UK’s first legal gay marriages – which happened on Saturday.

He said: “It seemed like the most natural, logical thing to do when I was putting the piece together spontaneously.”

His sculpture shows two female fauns, who are part human part goat, getting married, overseen by friends and relatives, presided over a priest who is part bird, part human. Extending above the area where the marriage is taking place is a long ladder. One of the fauns has scaled the ladder in order to scan the horizon to take a longer view.

Nick said: “The piece is literally as you would imagine – two female fauns getting married with friends around in a free-spirited manner messing around and enjoying this event.

“One of the fuans appears to have ascended all the way to the top of this ladder – to get a better view of the horizon, the future if you like.

“The horizon will have fewer wrinkles on it than perhaps there were before. It is about the battles we need to win to find equality without prejudice.

“The legislation as it stands has gone through in England and Wales and we are lucky that we live in quite a liberal society. Some people do not.

“I am heterosexual myself, but as a member of society it is a humanitarian issue rather than a gay issue. It is to everyone’s benefit that we live in a fairer and more equal society.”

Whispers from an Unwrinkled Horizon will be displayed in the Great British Sculpture Show at Hatfield House from next Wednesday to Tuesday, September 30.




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