Cat with cancer Millie needs a hospice-type home in which to live out her last months in peace and dignity

Millie is a gentle, friendly puss who needs a loving home to live out her last months PNL-140314-173747001

Millie is a gentle, friendly puss who needs a loving home to live out her last months PNL-140314-173747001

A poorly puss suffering from skin cancer is searching for her final home in which to live out her twilight months.

Millie was brought into Companion Care Vets in Hemel Hempstead last month with an advanced case of squamous cell carcinoma – a type of feline skin cancer – which needed immediate surgery to remove the lesions.

Sadly, her owners couldn’t afford the operation so requested that she be put down instead. But vet John Hosking – who works at the practice on London Road – took pity on the moggy and persuaded them to sign her over to him.

Millie was suffering from tumours on her ears, nose and eyelids and animal-lover John made the decision to pay for surgery himself. Now 10-year-old Millie is recovering at the home of veterinary nurse Claire Nuttall – minus most of her right ear.

Despite all she’s been through, Claire says Millie is a gentle, loving puss. She said: “She’s really mellow – we’ve all fallen in love with her at the surgery. She’s happy to sit in a warm lap and she loves a rub under the chin. She’s very laid back and relaxed.”

Sadly, the surgery has not cured Millie, just given her an extension on her life. Claire predicts it could be anything from a few months to a year before the tumours reoccur. She’ll have to have her stitches removed in due course.

She said: “What we’re looking for is a hospice-type situation, or palliative care really. It’s been quite a tough call, but anyone who takes her in will be repaid with so much love. She’s such a people cat.”

Millie has been wormed and her vaccinations are all up to date. She is a carrier of the feline AIDS virus, which doesn’t currently affect her health, but means she cannot come into contact with any other cats and will have to be kept indoors. The virus can only be passed from cat-to-cat so Millie would be fine around dogs and humans.

Claire said: “She’s more than happy to stay inside. She’s still got a healthy appetite and healthy gums and teeth. Her favourite treat is chicken.”

Millie was always at higher risk of developing skin cancer due to her white fur and pale colouring. Ali Allen of Cats Protection says those who own white pets should take steps to protect them from the sun.

Ali – neutering officer for the Hemel Hempstead and Berhamsted branch – said: “You can use children’s SPF 50 sun cream on their nose and ears to stop them getting burnt.

“We’d love to take Millie but we’re just full up at the moment. We’re hoping someone will offer her a sunset home where she can snooze away her days.”

If you think you have space in your home and heart for this furry friend in need, call Companion Care Vets on 01442 500260.




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