Did boy return from dead to draw for Fred?

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An 83-year-old cartoonist who is registered blind thinks he may have been guided by the spirit of a miscarried child to create this picture.

Fred Jefferies was with friend Maria Billina, 88, in Bovingdon’s Dudley House, where they both live, when a vision came to him and he had to draw it.

He said: “My hand just went where it was told to go. I was guided into it somehow – it just went on its own somehow.

“It was quite an unusual, out-of-this-world experience.”

Fred has known Maria for more than 50 years after they met while he lived in Green Lane, Bovingdon, with his wife Nora, now 84.

Maria had a miscarriage while she was five months pregnant at about the same time that Nora lost her child after four months of pregnancy.

Fred said after finishing his picture he realised the child in it looked just like Maria.

He said: “Then I got thinking of our two little boys in the spirit world. Did they come back to give us a smile? Who knows? But it was a wonderful, heart-warming experience.”




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