Even the Death Star has a laundry basket - Darth Vader beams down to Berkhamsted for a pressing engagement

Spick and span: The Darth Vaders laundry is now nice and clean

Spick and span: The Darth Vaders laundry is now nice and clean

Even evil overlords have to attend to their laundry – and Darth Vader is no exception.

The nemesis of Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films dropped by at Berkhamsted’s Johnson Cleaners during the opening day at its new launderette on Saturday.

The firm – which also offers other services like dry cleaning, ironing, alterations and repairs – is now based at 311 High Street.

Previously its home was opposite the Total petrol station near Stag Lane, but it has moved so that retirement homes can be built on the site.

There were activities and games to raise money for children’s charity the NSPCC at the new store’s opening day and visitors were given goodie bags and balloons.

Johnson Cleaners raised more than £27,000 for the NSPCC last year at its old Berkhamsted branch.

Managing director Paul Ogle said: “It’s great to find a new location in Berkhamsted so we can offer our customers the quality and service we’re known for.”




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