FEATURE: Memories of Bury End Mill School

Bury End Mill school teachers Mr Jarrett, Mr Dean and Mrs Johnson

Bury End Mill school teachers Mr Jarrett, Mr Dean and Mrs Johnson

In last week’s Gazette, we ran a story asking for your memories of Bury End Mill School in Hemel Hempstead.

And you didn’t let us down. We have received a number of responses from people who recalled their time at the school.

Vera Willmore got in touch with us after recognising her brother Roy in the photo we printed of pupils from the school taken in 1936.

Roy (pictured centre of the front row, right) is unfortunately no longer with us but Vera was able to recall her time at the school – which closed in the 1960s and made way for an old people’s home – when she went there in the early 1930s.

She said: “The headmaster then was Mr Elliott, and he frightened us to death.

“I have happy memories of my time at the school. I can remember doing needlework classes. I left the school when I was 14 and what I learnt during my time there helped me make my way in life.”

A few people got in touch to tell us that the headteacher in the photo above was Mr Nicholas Redrup, including Clive Weakley, who attended the school between 1939 and 1945.

He said: “Mr Redrup was a real disciplinarian.

“I still have earache from when he clipped me round the head because I stood on his foot even though it was a complete accident.

“He actually lived in the same road as me for a while so I think he was looking forward to having me in his class.

“I was very relieved, though, that I ended up in the other class!”

David Hobbs also got in touch with details of some of the teachers at the school during the 1950s.

He said: “I can remember that the infant class was taught by Mrs Dean.

“The other teachers were Mrs Johnson and Mr Jarrett and the head was Mr Holliday, who we used to call ‘Pop.’

“I can also recall the caretaker who was Mr Lane.

“In those days, girls and boys had different entrances and they were segregated.

“I can remember there being four classrooms and outside toilets.

“The school closed in the 1960s and I believe it then got knocked down.”

Patricia Davis sent us three photos of the school. The first picture shows three teachers, believed to be Mr Jarrett, Mr Dean and Mrs Johnson.

The second picture shows three boys from the school on an outing, but details of who they are or where they were remain sketchy.

The third photo shows other pupils from the school also on a day out.

If you can identify anybody in the photos or have any more information you can contact the Gazette on 01296 619778 or e-mail thegazette@jpress.co.uk

Patricia, who attended Bury End Mill during the 1950s said: “I can remember the school having two playgrounds and one time I remember falling over and having stitches in my leg.

“I particularly used to enjoy playing on the climbing frame. I can remember the headmaster being Mr Elliott.”

Other people have got in touch to say that Mr Elliott was known as ‘Gaffer’.

One such person was Hubert Mills who attended the school between 1943 and 1947.

He said: “The headmaster at the school in the 1940s was Mr Elliott.

“I can remember the other teachers were Miss Green, Miss Parkinson, Miss Garrett and Mrs Johnson.

“We had air raid shelters in the playground and sometimes if we had to stay there for a long time we would be given barley sugar to eat while we waited.

“I can also remember that Mr Elliott used to travel around by bike.

“Quite often the kids would queue up on the playground, take his cycle clips off and help Mr Elliott push his bike around the back of the air raid shelter.”

If this feature has brought back any more memories for you then please get in touch.

We would be delighted to hear from you.




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