Firefighters called to Highfield chip pan kitchen blaze

House fire in Highfield Lane, Hemel Hempstead. PNL-140318-122801001

House fire in Highfield Lane, Hemel Hempstead. PNL-140318-122801001

This is the damage left by a fire that ripped through a Highfield home’s kitchen.

Firefighters were called to Highfield Lane, Hemel Hempstead, just before 5.30pm on Monday.

Three crews - two from Hemel Hempstead and one from Kings Langley - rushed to the scene where they rescued one person and two dogs.

Firefighters donned breathing apparatus and used a hosereel to battle the chip pan fire.

First aid was given at the scene.

After the fire was out the newly launched Herts Fire and Rescue Service volunteer incident support team visited to help with the clean up operation.

The team, launched in February, provides an around the clock service to assist vulnerable and at risk people who have experienced a fire in their homes.

On Monday evening the volunteers removed all the damaged appliances and cleared debris.

>This morning Hemel Hempstead firefighters were called to another kitchen fire.

Two crews went to Dellcut Road, which is just around the corner from Highfield Lane, just before 9.30am where they discovered a small fire and used a hosereel to put out the flames.




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