‘We’re not scared of Lidl,’ say Tesco chiefs

Artist's impression of the new Lidl being planned for Berkhamsted

Artist's impression of the new Lidl being planned for Berkhamsted

The managers of Berkhamsted’s Tesco Metro say that they are not threatened by the prospect of a Lidl opening just down the road from them.

Their comments come after some members of the Everything Berko Facebook page said they couldn’t wait to get their food at a cheaper rate in the new discount supermarket.

Nick Reynolds said Tesco is increasingly cutting its Value range in favour of its more expensive ‘Finest’ products, which does not help people on lower incomes. He said: “Lidl is a good shop with lower prices, good quality food and a fair amount is British.”

Tesco is currently the lowest price supermarket available to Berkhamsted shoppers.

But discount food chain Lidl will soon open a new High Street supermarket nearby, with lots of parking, in the Gossoms End area of town.

But a Tesco spokesman said: “We have been serving Berkhamsted from our store on the High Street for over four decades.

“The shop is really popular with customers and we look forward to continuing to serve the local community for many years to come.”

People in Berkhamsted have had mixed reactions to Lidl’s supermarket plans.

More than 100 people have signed a petition against it

But more than 300 have signed a petition in favour of it

> To learn more about Lidl’s plans, pick up a copy of this week’s Gazette.




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