Wheelchair-bound slimmer beats his battle of the bulge

Slimmer Paul Gavin after his incredible four-stone weight loss

Slimmer Paul Gavin after his incredible four-stone weight loss

A super slimmer has put other dieters to shame after shedding four stone in 18 months – despite being in a wheelchair.

Paul Gavin, of Apsley, suffers from spina bifida which causes paralysis down his entire left side and below both of his knees.

Despite being of a slim build, a serious illness left him hospitalised and drip-fed 3,000 calories a day, which led to the unwanted weight gain.

After trying various regimes in a bid to shed the pounds, Paul discovered Slimming World, and began attending the weekly sessions with the help of his family. He took to the diet straight away and soon began to see rapid results. He has now lost a staggering four stone and couldn’t be happier.

Paul, 28, said: “The only way I can describe how I feel after losing weight is absolutely ecstatic!

“Having sometimes to rely on people to lift and carry me, losing all this weight has made everything easier and I’m really proud of what I’ve done.

“On this diet, I was actually eating more than I was before, and it was food I really liked.

“Because the focus is on nutrition and eating sensibly, I’m still able to have a treat when I want one.”

Mum Bridget praises her son’s unshakeable focus on striving to meet his goal.

She said: “I’ve really got to take my hat off to him. This was all in his hands and he could have cheated whenever he wanted, but he didn’t.

“Something switched in his head and he has remained exceptionally determined.”

Paul attends the Slimming World group at St Paul’s Church in Highfield run by consultant Haylea Gavin.

She said: “I am so proud of him. He embraced the plan and I bring him up as an example time and time again. “People say to me: ‘I can’t exercise, so how can I lose weight?’ And I say: “Look at Paul – he did it. He’s a brilliant inspiration.”

Haylea’s group meets on Wednesdays at 9.30am and 7.30pm, with a 5.30pm session starting on January 22. Additonal reporting by Georgia Naden.




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