Row over mayor touting for business

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The mayor was accused of attempting to electioneer by promoting himself in a leaflet that tells people how he can boost their events.

Councillor Penny Hearn was wholly against a draft version of the leaflet, which read, Planning an event? How your mayor can help,

It was handed out to the members of Tring Town Council’s Finance and Policy Committee on Monday night but the members decided to re-draft it and bring it up at a full council meeting instead.

Cllr Hearn said: “I think it’s a dreadful idea and I don’t think that we as a council and our mayor should be touting for business. It’s fraught with problems.

“The idea of being a mayor is not a political one in any way. To me this is a political leaflet in benefit of the mayor in the county elections coming up next year. It’s wholly inappropriate.”

The idea of the leaflet was to distribute it to local businesses, charities and organisations to inform them of the benefits of inviting the mayor councillor Nick Hollinghurst to events and how to go about doing it.

Mr Hollinghurst said: “It’s a way of helping business and charities in the town. It’s not there to promote the mayor or the council. It’s there to give an opportunity for businesses to promote themselves.”