Video: Make up your own mind on flight noise

Village airfield owner Paul Webb has allowed the filming of a microlight aircraft taking off and landing on his land in a bid to show how little noise it makes.

It is his stand against campaigners who oppose the family’s plan to fly a Eurostar microlight from Berry Farm in Whelpley Hill on the outskirts of Bovingdon.

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A leaflet sent out to homes urged householders to object against his appeal, currently with the Planning Inspectorate, which asks for up to 200 flights per year. Under council enforcement action flights are currently restricted to 76 movements - a take off and landing equates to two movements.

In their leaflet, which included a draft objection letter, campaigners asked villagers to oppose on the grounds of noise, road safety - they claim that if Berry Farm is developed for airfield activity it will result in more traffic, despite Paul insisting that it will be only himself and his father flying from the site, along with one other person who has been using the airstrip for years. Safety is also listed as a concern.

Flying instructor Rob Grimwood from Exodus Airsports, who taught Paul to fly, said: “It [the microlight] is incredibly quiet and incredibly reliable.

“In terms of noise microlights are the only form of aviation that has to have noise tests. So microlights are much, much quieter than normal light aircraft.”

Berry Farm, which backs onto airfield land used for Bovingdon Market, driving experience days and for filming of movies such as the latest in the Fast and Furious franchise, is the location of the Bovingdon Stack. This means the sky above it is used as a holding area for planes waiting to land at Heathrow. It is also used as a navigation beacon by other light aircrafts.

The Planning Inspectorate is due to make a decision this month.

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