Video Vox Pop: Have you got the Great British Bake-Off bug?

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Reporters Victoria Bull and Natalee Hazelwood spoke to people outside Hemel Hempstead’s XC Centre to find out their views on the TV baking phenomenon.

Ben O’Mara, Long Chaulden:

Vox Pop: Have you caught the Bake-Off bug?

Vox Pop: Have you caught the Bake-Off bug?

‘Paul Hollywood, what a legend. That man makes bread like no-one’s ever made bread before. I haven’t caught the bug but it’s an epidemic – a lot of people are going down with Bake-Off flu.’

Neil Leicester, works in Apsley:

‘I do watch it sometimes, it’s quite a good show. I like to cook so I pick up some tips from it. I have to admit I’m not the biggest dessert fan, but what they cook on the show looks delicious.’

Bex Perry, works at The XC:

‘I love it, I’m a big fan. I’m not much of a baker myself, so it’s more of a respect thing. I’m a big Mary Berry fan so I mainly watch it for her, and it’s on a par with Masterchef.’

Jacqui Joyce, Abbots Langley:

‘It’s amazing, I watch it every week. You can learn so much about baking from it, you should watch it!’

Ed King, works in Bennetts End:

‘I don’t really watch it but I think I’m going to start. The food on it looks really good.’