Is school about to close? Headteacher refuses to comment as rumours spread

Francis House Prep School
Francis House Prep School

The headteacher at Tring’s Francis House Preparatory School refused to comment on rumours that it is about to close.

Helen Stanton-Tonner was asked this afternoon whether or not the private-sector institution for children aged two to 11 was going to be shut soon.

The Gazette understands that the parents of children who attend the school are going to be informed of the decision to shut it down today or tomorrow (Thursday).

But when asked to comment on the rumours the headteacher said: “I can’t verify that at all at this particular moment.”

It has been alleged that the teachers who work there will be told about the looming closure tonight – about six weeks after the rumours started circulating.

On its website, Francis House lists the names of 32 teachers and eight other members of staff.

One parent said that uniforms are still being sold to the 150 students who attend the institution.

She said: “Telling parents to carry on as usual when they know the school is closing I think is disgusting.”