Hemel school delivers food and drink to doctors and nurses

The school's headteacher delivered the stock to Watford General Hospital

A school in Hemel Hempstead has donated food and drink to staff at Watford General Hospital to help them during the coronavirus pandemic.

Headteacher,Graham Cunningham, delivered the stockto the hospital

Headteacher,Graham Cunningham, delivered the stockto the hospital

Longdean School donated a range of cereal bars, fresh fruit, cup a soups, juice cartoons and cereal to the hospital. Headteacher, Graham Cunningham, delivered the stock to ensure that nurses and doctors were able to have something to eat and drink whilst working.

He said: "We had heard that a lot of the staff working at the hospital were finding it difficult to get shopping after their shifts because a lot of the food was sold out, so we decided to order some food and drinks from our suppliers and deliver it to them.

"The visit to the hospital brought home to me how very serious this situation is and also how likely it is to worsen before it improves.

"Whilst it might be challenging for us to be socially distancing ourselves from friends and our wider family, these people are on the front line.

The stock was delivered to Watford General Hospital

The stock was delivered to Watford General Hospital

"The staff in this hospital are working long hours in challenging environment to ensure we are cared for should the need arise. They are tired but are doing an amazing job.

"As a school it is the value we want to install in our children, we want them to leave here as decent people.

"This is a small way that we could help those that are on the frontline.

"The food parcel donation is one of a number of things we are doing as a school."

The school, on Rumballs Rd, is also providing pupils who are entitled to free school dinners, a £25 Tesco voucher every two weeks, to help them with food costs while the school is closed.

Longdean has also applied for a bid through Martin Lewis to help local charities and they are also supporting staff at the school.

Mr Cunningham added: "As a school we are trying to do what we can to help everyone, that includes pupils, staff and the community.

"We are also ensuring that the pupils who have key workers are continuing to support them, either through email or a phone call, to see if there is anything the school can do for them.

"We are also encouraging others to support the NHS workers, firstly, we must follow the direction we are being given over social distancing and if needed social isolation.

"Secondly, when we go shopping, please only buy the food we need and not what we think we need. One of the issues NHS workers are facing is a lack of food in shops when they complete shifts due to our over purchasing.

"It's times like this when you really do see the good in people and it has been great to see so many members of the community and organisations working together and helping the vulnerable, elderly and frontline workers."