Organisations in Hemel can apply for a grant to support coronavirus efforts

Hertfordshire County Council has opened the Locality Budget Scheme for 2020/21 early

Hertfordshire residents can apply now for a grant from their county councillors to support coronacirus efforts.

Hertfordshire County Council offices

Hertfordshire County Council offices

The County Councillors Locality Budget Scheme has opened early for COVID-19 related applications.

The scheme aims to support local organisations and projects and is open to any local organisation offering support to anyone affected by COVID-19.

In the first instance, applicants should contact their local county councillor to discuss their application.

Given the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis and the need to support our communities’ response to this, the decision has been taken by Hertfordshire County Council to open the Locality Budget Scheme for 2020/21 early.

Rather than following the usual process of starting the scheme in June, county councillors are instead making it available funds available from immediate effect for any Coronavirus (COVID-19)-related applications.

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