A new superhero is in town with a message

Snail Boy
Snail Boy

Calling all superheroes...both little and large, Snail Boy is in town and he is here to show that even the smallest of heroes can grow to be bigger than their fears.

Next Saturday, June 28, at The Old Town Hall children aged nine and over and those young at heart are invited to be brave and join a journey through the dark – and discover that it’s not as scary as you think.

Originally produced by Vertical Line Theatre and following a highly successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2013, with Support from Arts Council England, Scribbled Thought have got involved to present a new incarnation of this wonderful show.

Inspired by children’s literature including Duck, Death and Tulip by Wolf Eribruch and The Huge Bag of Worries by Virginia Ironside, Superhero Snail Boy proves that sadness, despair and anxiety are feelings that are not always reserved for adults.

The play follows the journey of two 11 year olds, Tillie and Inari, and their discovery that it is OK to be sad when bad things happen.

Elizabeth Muncey’s innovative writing introduces audiences to an array of colourful characters and imaginative methods for Tillie and Inari to deal with their worries; whether that’s planting flowers, smashing plates or confiding in a giant snail to help carry them through the night time.

Playwright, Elizabeth Muncey said: “We can help to teach both young and old not to fear their feelings – even the dark ones.

“They are part of our wonderful, challenging human realm.

“We can learn from them – grow bigger than them – and ultimately even be grateful for them. We are all superheroes, if we just take the time to notice.”

Showing at The Old Town Hall on Saturday June 28 at 2.30pm.

Tickets are £5.50 or £4 for those with a Dacorum Card.

To book Visit oldtownhall.co.uk or call the box office direct on 01442 228091.