Console Corner: Playstation TV review

Little black box of magic could save your marriage...

You know when you are happily playing your favourite game and then your wife comes in and says she wants to watch Holby and you have to – for the sake of marital harmony – turn it off?

Small, smart and sleek: PSTV

Small, smart and sleek: PSTV

If you don’t you are probably thinking I am a very sad man, if you do then I have got just the thing for your Christmas list.

Playstation TV threatens to be one of the most innovative additions ever to the video game industry.

The tiny, discreet and sleek little magic black box plugs into your TV and allows you to carry on playing your PS4 
remotely and wirelessly.

It’s like logging on to your work screen from home, but much more fun.

Sony recommends having both the PSTV and PS4 hardwired to your broadband router for best performance.

But in my experience playing wirelessly on Fibre optic it was pretty seamless with only some slight, occasional lag.

I played Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Assassin’s Creed Unity for a good few hours each on PSTV both campaign and online.

Online would definitely work best hardwired but if your speeds are good it is still an enjoyable experience.

But PSTV isn’t just about playing games remotely (you can play Vita and PSP games on it too).

I have synced it with my email account, you can watch movies and videos, look at photos and listen to music. It has a memory card slot to play and save files, a calendar, Party Chat, web browser, PS Store, PS messaging and more.

At £89.99 it packs in more than your money’s worth and represents great value compared to some other peripherals we have seen on consoles in the past. With Sky multi-room and now PSTV there’s no need to sit in the same room as your wife or kids ever again! *Disclaimer: I am joking of course*

Rating: 8.5/10