159 debt free and more heading there

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A good cause that has helped more than 100 people free themselves for crippling debt is celebrating six years of offering support.

Christians Against Poverty has helped 330 people in Dacorum during that time and so far 159 of those individuals are now debt free.

The service, which runs from Woodhall Farm Community Centre, takes on at least four new clients each month and welcomes people from all walks of life.

Manager Owen Cooper said: “We have got bigger. Our waiting lists have got bigger generally. There is more of a demand.”

He said today more people are aware of the service and the help it can offer. “More people know the service and respect the service.

“We have built up quite a good reputation,” he said.

Owen, who is employed by New Horizons Christians Fellowship in Woodhall Farm to run the service, says he is seeing more pensioners today than he did when the centre was first launched.

“Pensioners are struggling to keep up with normal payments like rent and council tax,” he said.

Owen puts this down to the rising cost of living, food and utility bills.

Now there are plans to extend the service, which offers home visits and builds up long-term relationships with clients, so that more people can be helped.

Owen said: “We make sure they have that long term support. It can take up to five years for someone to clear their debts. Because we have been going for six years we are seeing a lot more breakthroughs where people are coming out of debt.”

The service is on offer at the community centre, in Datchet Close, Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm.

Advisors are also now on hand at the Salvation Army in Waterhouse Street on Thursday from 2pm to 4pm. For more information contact 01442 243936.