25 per cent support? Not such a bad start...

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Not a bad start, was it? 25 per cent of the vote for a party dismissed as clowns and fruitcakes!

Not a bad start, given most of those standing as UKIP prospective candidates in the Herts County Council elections on May 2 were new to politics.

Not a bad start given that we are still developing our local branch infrastructure and we don’t have the resources of the opposition.

So well done, and a huge thank you to those who stood as candidates and especially to those who voted for us. We exceeded our expectations.

Where to next? There are European elections next year and a general election the year after and the county result has given us great heart and we will start building immediately on our experiences.

We intend to get out and campaign and meet our many supporters and, while we don’t have any seats at County Hall, we still intend to make ourselves heard!

What we heard during our campaigning is that the current political elite cannot be trusted to protect even the simplest elements of our lives. We heard concerns over immigration, over health, over welfare, over schools, over energy, over taxation and over gay marriage! We particularly heard about the waste, the inefficiency and the gravy trains!

Local issues included potholes, the lack of a local accident and emergency service, street lighting, the high costs of business rents and rates, the lack of a theatre, and the regeneration of Hemel Hempstead town centre, all of which we will address on behalf of our voters in the coming months.

Personally I will also campaign against locality budgets being used to win local votes!

I also want to address the issue of being labelled a single policy protest party. As an alternative to single I suggest the word ‘fundamental’. Fundamental to our policies is the withdrawal from the EU, still trading, still engaging but as an independent country.

As to protest, yes I’m all for protest – I protest that the current set of politicians are ruining this country for me, for you, for my kids,for your kids and for all our future generations.

I want to protest and I want others to protest with me loud and clear.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of standing in the local elections and I will do more in the years to come. I do however need help, your help.

We, your local party, would like to know each and every person who voted for UKIP and we’d like to invite you to be actively involved.

In this way we will build on the solid foundations we have created and instead of being second we can win!

Also why not join us on the Friday, July 12, when we will be hosting an evening with UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom – to find out more, just get in touch at chris.wright@myglb.co.uk.

After a career in the forces Chris Wright, who lives in Felden, developed 
a business in Hemel Hempstead. He’s an experienced cricket coach and is 
helping draft UKIP’s sport, fitness and personal development policy