‘A failed canal event would have cost 
us a fortune’

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THE chairman of the Wendover Arm Trust says that the charity stood to lose up to £30,000 if its annual canal festival proved a failure.

The group has already decided to scrap next year’s event over fears that a dry winter could lead to yet another drought and canal restrictions, which would put boaters off from attending.

It will be the second time the festival, which would have taken place at Boxmoor, has been cancelled and Graeme Lockhart could not promise that it will take place in the future.

Mr Lockhart said: “I hope it does come back but we would have to reform it and we are looking for a different site to hold it. Maybe we ought to do a different type of festival?

“It was very successful and we would like to find something that we can build up again.”

Another issue was the requirement of The Box Moor Trust, which manages the site, for a 20 per cent share of profits, which the Trust was not prepared to pay.

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