A slipped disc? No, it’s your new grandchild...

12-323 baby Louise Bull.
12-323 baby Louise Bull.

A SUSPECTED slipped disc that turned out to be a bouncing baby girl sparked a 999 emergency that saw an air ambulance called in to help the unsuspecting mum-to-be.

The woman, who doesn’t want to be named, didn’t realise she was pregnant until shortly before she gave birth in the bathroom of her home in Hobbs Hill, Hemel Hempstead.

Now Margaret Bull, the grandmother of newborn Louise, pictured, has spoken of her relief, her gratitude to the emergency services – and her concerns over delays in their arrival to handle the emergency.

Margaret, a trained nurse, rushed home at around 11am on Friday after her daughter called, saying she had severe back pain.

She first suspected a slipped disc and dialled 999.

When it became clear that the pain was being brought on by labour, she called again to update the 999 operators.

It is believed the baby was full term at birth but Margaret’s daughter didn’t realise she was pregnant because she continued to have her period.

The delivery was quick, but in the process the umbilical cord snapped and the new mother continued to bleed due to what would later be discovered to be an internal tear.

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