Abuse survivors fight back to help others

Jenny Tomlin
Jenny Tomlin

A group of women who have all fought back from abuse are setting up a group to help inspire others to heal their wounds.

Inspire You Me And Us, a group of Buckinghamshire women who want to offer their skills to others in need, is led by psychotherapist Genovieve Feasey, educator and activist Elaine Hook, business brain Hilda Stearn and best selling author Jenny Tomlin.

Jenny, who was sexually abused by her father from the age of three to 11 and went on to write seven books on the issue is now happily married to her husband Alan.

But the mother of two from Bulbourne, whose daughter is TV and film star Martine McCutcheon, says that abuse of all kinds is still rife, and the inclusive group - which is set to launch in Aylesbury in September, will help others to get their lives back too.

She said: “ I have no dark clouds hanging over me anymore, I came out of that tunnel years ago, but now I want to put something back and help others.

“All of the members of the group have different skills and expertise and we have all got through it and made lives for ourselves.

“Something like this is needed now more than ever – abuse doesn’t stop just because society doesn’t like it.

“As one paedophile dies another three are born and it would be a major mistake to think that it doesn’t exist as much anymore.”

The group, which will be open to men and women who have suffered all kinds of abuse, is now hoping that someone with an unused room or building could offer it to them to use as a base. They have also been in talks with Aylesbury Vale District Council. Jenny can be contacted on Twitter @TomlinJenny