Alcohol group’s warning: Celebrate your results, but don’t go overboard

Alcohol concern
Alcohol concern

School-leavers are being urged not to bow to peer pressure as many prepare to get their exam results and begin university or work.

The warning comes from the Alcohol Campaigns Group, part of Hertfordshire’s community safety unit, who say being pressured into drinking alcohol at a young age can have devastating consequences.

The joint organisation run between Herts County Council and the police and fire services advises young people to alternate between alcoholic and soft drinks if they are celebrating, and to look out for each other, making sure they and are able to get home safely.

Iain McNicol, chief executive of the Hemel Hempstead-based substance misuse charity Druglink, also warned of the dangers of excessive drinking. He said: “We run an educational programme targeting 18-25 year olds who have been identified by the police as being drunk and disorderly. They are issued with an £80 fine but for half the fee they can attend.”