All Moor End Road fine refund letters have been mailed

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Letters have now been dispatched to all drivers nabbed by the infamous Moor End Road traffic camera.

A total of 31,006 motorists were caught in the bus lane and all should receive refund letters by the end of the month.

The debacle could potentially cost taxpayers £1.26 million to refund all the fines after the bus lane was ruled unlawful.

In a statement Herts County Council said: “We have received confirmation that the company that runs the penalty charge notice process for us has sent all letters for delivery.

“That means all 31,006 motorists who were fined should receive letters offering refunds by the stated deadline of the end of August.”

Drivers will be given the option of donating their fine to the Hospice of St Francis, which will also receive any fines that remain unclaimed.

Highways bosses intend to redesign the scheme and switch the camera back on, but no date has been set.