Allotment bosses agree to keep bees on the site

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A POPULAR allotment site will soon be buzzing with honey bees after town council agreed to keep hives there to improve the experience for green-fingered people.

The experimental move by Tring Town Council will see Mid Bucks Beekeeping Association member Karen Smith manage a couple of hives at Duckmore Lane Allotments in Tring.

The council agreed with the organisation’s request at a meeting of the allotments and environment committee meeting, and is now starting to make the idea a reality.

Mrs Smith will visit the site with town clerk Keith Gray and committee chair John Allan to decide on the best location for the hives.

It will be the first time that bees have ever been kept at the allotments and the council and beekeeping association are planning on letting the project grow organically.

Deputy clerk Belle Drayton said: “The council is thinking outside the box and trying something different.

“They will help with pollination.

“There will be one or two hives in a quiet end of the allotments to start off with.”