Allotment investment helps gardeners grow

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MORE green-fingered people will have the chance to bag themselves an allotment after a council spent more than £900 on making more land available to gardeners.

Tring Allotment Association had been asking Tring Town Council to increase the number of allotment plots on offer as the waiting list at Tring’s two sites in Bulbourne and Duckmore Lane was in double figures and growing.

The waiting list has now been cut from 56 to 16 people and there will be room for more plots on the sites due to the changes.

The council spent £959 on new fencing for 12 additional five pole plots, which measure 125sqm, at the Bulbourne site. They will be available for use before Christmas.

Currently a typical plot measures 10 poles and costs £30 a year to rent out but offering half plots at £15 a year will enable more gardeners to have one.

The council says it may consider sub-dividing some of the smaller five pole plots at the Bulbourne site into quarter-size patches if there is a need to do so.

This already happens at the site in Duckmore Lane where its 156 plots are made up of full, half and quarter plots.

The council is also planning on launching a community garden that can be managed by a group of people.

The council has a section the size of four allotment plots opposite its Duckmore Lane site that could be used.

Town clerk Keith Gray said: “The idea is to get a group together led by one person as the tenant. It will encourage more people to grow their own produce.”

Anyone who would like a plot or would like to be involved in managing the community garden should contact the town council office on 01442 823347 or email