And the most popular names for new babies in Hemel Hempstead are...rather surprising

The most popular names for babies registered in Hemel Hempstead in 2013 will come as a surprise to many.

According to details released by Herts County Council this week, the top name for girls is Darcie while the number one name for boys is Riley.

Other popular names chosen by parents included Violet, Sophie and Amelia for girls; and Oliver, Lucas and Edward for boys.

“It’s always interesting to see what names are chosen. Very often it’s the unusual ones which get all the attention but generally we find that the popular names are still the traditional ones,” said Richard Thake, County Hall’s cabinet member for the registration service.

“Whatever choice parents make, they can celebrate the birth and naming of their child at a civil naming ceremony organised by Hertfordshire’s registration service.

“It is an ideal way for parents to formally name their child and welcome them into the family.”

Click here for more information on civil namings or call 0300 123 4045.

The top five names for girls registered in Hemel Hempstead were:

1, Darcie; 2, Violet; 3, Sophie; 4, Amelia; 5, Isabella

For boys, the top five list reads:

1, Riley; 2, Oliver; 3, Lucas; 4, Edward; 5, Ethan