Animal rights campaigners to stage peaceful protest outside country pub that sells foie gras

The Bricklayers Arms, Flaunden
The Bricklayers Arms, Flaunden

Campaigners from Hertfordshire Animal Rights will be holding a peaceful protest outside of a country pub because it continues to sell foie gras.

This protest is the culmination of an online campaign against The Bricklayers Arms in Flaunden, which resulted in them deleting the dish from the menu on their website.

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-140822-142216001

But campaigners since discovered that the pub restaurant is still selling the dish.

Protesters will assemble outside of The Bricklayers Arms on Saturday at 6.15pm in order to greet diners before dinner service.

They will hand out leaflets and hold placards displaying the cruelty of the foie gras industry.

Hertfordshire Animal Rights spokesperson Tod Bradbury said: “Our concerns have been ignored by the staff and owners of The Bricklayers Arms.

“We see no other option than to go to their restaurant and inform them – and their customers – of the cruelty of they are complicit in.”

Foie gras production has been illegal in UK since a 1998 European Commission scientific study held that the production causes unnecessary suffering to the ducks and geese involved.

Ducks and geese have pipes shoved down their throats, they are then pumped full of food five times a day until their livers become diseased and infected.

This causes their livers to swell to up to ten times their normal size.

Mr Bradbury said: “The foie gras industry is undeniably cruel.

“Numerous undercover investigations have revealed that the entire process consists of horrific practices and abuse to the animals involved.

“It is disgraceful that establishments such as The Bricklayers Arms purvey such cruelty. We invite everyone to come and join us in asking The Bricklayers Arms to take cruelty off the menu.”

Hertfordshire Animal Rights says it will continue to lawfully campaign against The Bricklayers Arms and all other purveyors of foie gras until Hertfordshire is foie gras free.