Archive plans to create research area

PLANS are currently being drawn up to create better research facilities for academics at a national archive.

The British Film Institute hopes to introduce the facilities at its national archive in Kingshill Way, Berkhamsted.

Spokesman for the institute Nick Mason Pearson said: “Currently most academics studying the films travel into London to do so.

“We want to make better facilities available closer to where the collections are.

“It makes sense if you’re studying something that you go to where they actually are.”

The institute is also keen to digitalise the archive in an active push forward in modernisation.

Nick added: “We want to digitalise as much as we can, to make as much of the collection as possible available to as many people as possible.

“We would eventually like to make it available on demand to people across the country.

“It comes at a cost but it’s potentially very, exciting.”

Currently the plans are nothing more than proposals but are being drawn up as the institute plans to absorb new responsibilities from the abolished UK Film Council.

The organisation is also treading carefully to avoid any difficulties that could be caused by existing copyright issues with the films.