Are you for or against town’s looming Lidl?

Artist's impression of the new Lidl being planned for Berkhamsted
Artist's impression of the new Lidl being planned for Berkhamsted

Lidl managers say a recent consultation has shown that people in Berkhamsted support plans for a new discount supermarket in town.

Those who live in the area ‘would like more choice to meet the needs of a town with a population of 17,000’, the budget food chain claims.

But the 105 people who have signed a new petition opposing the plan for a new Lidl would beg to differ. Creator Cathie George said: “It is not just about having cheap food on your doorstep. It is about having doctors’ surgeries and other facilities that the council should be providing.”

She says the Berkhamsted area already has enough supermarkets – but could do with more community facilities, such as schools.

The High Street site where the new Lidl would be built is now home to Roy Chapman Cars and Davis & Samson Demolition Contractors.

The discount food chain would also create 30 new apartments above the new supermarket – 10 of which would be affordably priced – if the plans proceed.

Lidl held a public consultation at Berkhamsted Civic Centre last week.

Spokesman Clare Norman said: “We saw an excellent turnout. Over 430 comments were received throughout the day, with many more people turning up to the event to view the plans and sample some of our products.

“Preliminary analysis of the consultation day results revealed that 73 per cent of the comments received were in favour of the Lidl proposal.

“The majority of local residents also believe that the increase in competition will be healthy for the town. We were pleased to receive such a positive response to our proposal last Wednesday.

“However, we are also in the process of analysing the various comments received via the website and at the consultation day.

“We are looking to make amendments to the scheme wherever possible and one area we will look to address is the design of the scheme.

“A small number of people were concerned over the colours of the proposed materials and we are now due to discuss these design queries with our appointed architects, Boyes Rees, in the coming days.

“We will be meeting the Berkhamsted Town Council and various ward councillors prior to the submission of the planning application.”

Lidl expects the application to be submitted at the end of April or in early May.

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