Awards for men who helped attack victim

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Four men who saved a woman from a street attack have been given prestigious awards.

Peter Buckley, Jason Evans, Michael Wildey and Duncan Walton all leapt out of their cars to help a woman who had been pinned onto a car bonnet by a man in Belswains Lane, Hemel Hempstead.

On Wednesday last week they were awarded commendations from the Herts High Sheriff after being put forward for the accolade by the judge in the criminal case.

During the awards ceremony at St Albans Crown Court, Judge John Plumstead said: “The four of them managed to get the maniac off this women. They showed a good, decent attitude to life. Well done all.”

Guests were told how the man had grabbed his victim, thrown her against a car, professed his love for her and pressed his groin against her on the evening of April 25 last year.

The men held Mir Asghri, of Parr Crescent, Hemel Hempstead, until police arrived. Mr Buckley, 42, said: “It felt like an eternity. He was quite a stocky, solid bloke.”

Asghri, who pleaded guilty to sexual assault, was jailed on July 17 for four years under the dangerous offenders programme. He will spend another six years on extended licence.

Royal Mail worker Mr Wildey, 65, and mechanic Mr Buckley were reunited for the first time since the incident when they received their accolades. Mr Evans and Mr Walton were unable to attend.

Mr Wildey said: “We had a cup of tea afterwards and a few biscuits. The judges were very nice men. You only usually go there if you’re in trouble or on jury service.”

Just a handful of the commendations are given out in Herts each year and come with a £250 bonus.