Babies named Hunni Princess and Ged Spartacus

PARENTS-to-be rack their brains in the search for the perfect name for their bundle of joy but some have been more imaginative than others.

Hunni Princess, Ged Spartacus, Angel-J and Honey Beau were some of the more unusual names registered in Herts during 2010.

Baby Blossom Bluebell, Saffron-Rose, Barak, De Andre, Storm, Mozies, Jaxen, Chase, Eden and Roman Omari were also welcomed into the world.

But the most popular names last year were much more traditional. For boys, top of the list was Jack, followed by Oliver, Daniel, Thomas and Joshua.

While top of the girls’ names was Isabelle, with Daisy, Charlotte, Sophie and Sienna close behind.

The names were logged by new parents at register offices across the county last year.

Summer, Megan, Grace, Lucy and Olivia also made it to the list of top ten girl names chosen by new parents. And for boys, Alexander, Charlie, Harry, George and Joseph came top of the list.

County Councillor Keith Emsall, who oversees the registration service, said: “A lot of thought goes into naming a baby – and 2010 has seen people be as creative as ever.”

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