Banned driver jailed after high speed car chase


A banned driver has been jailed for a year after a court heard how he led cops on a high speed chase down the M1 from Hemel Hempstead to Watford.

Jason Greenway, 25, a market stall holder from the age of 12 with three young children, then caused a woman police officer to fear she was going to be crushed as he again drove away from the police two weeks later.

At the time of both the offences, Greenway shouldn’t have been driving as he was disqualified. On Monday he appeared for sentence at St Albans Crown Court via a video link-up with the prison where he is being held.

Greenway, of no fixed address, admitted two charges of dangerous driving, two of driving while disqualified and two of having no insurance. He had been banned from driving in August 2009 until November 2017. The court was told he had 22 convictions for 57 offences, including nine for driving while disqualified.

Prosecutor Jane Hayne told the court he was spotted driving a black Corsa erratically on Breakspear Way, Hemel one October evening last year.

The officers put on their flashing blue lights and Greenway braked as if to stop, but then drove off at speed. He broke hard a second time, causing the pursuing car to stop again before driving on the M1. He headed south at 90mph, leaving at junction six for Watford.

He dumped the car and got away and turned up at a house an hour later saying he needed a glass of water and wanted to get back to Hemel.

Greenway gave a taxi driver £20 and said: “Get me out of here.” The taxi driver said he appeared stressed and told him someone had tried to rob him.

Fingerprints on the glass matched those on the steering wheel of the abandoned car.

Two weeks later, plain-clothed officers on duty in the Sainsbury’s car park in Berkhamsted tried to get Greenway, who was driving another Corsa, to stop. As he drove off, damaging parked vehicles, one woman officer was scared she was going to be crushed, said the prosecutor.

Davina Mootien, defending, said Greenway had been running a market stall since the age of 12.

She said he had three young children and it was his desire to see them for Christmas which had prompted him to drive away from police in the car park in Berkhamsted.

The court heard he had driven to Wales to see his children and it was there that he was arrested in December of last year.

Judge Steven Gullick sentenced him to a year’s imprisonment and disqualified him from driving for two years.

As well as the 12-month prison sentence, Greenway was also disqualified from driving for two years.